We are proud to be appointed as key partner in Hong Kong by one of the most recognized bespoke watch customization brand - MAD Paris in this summer.

Further to our offering in classic menswear, our service extend to the luxury watch world which give our clients the opportunity to create a unique tine piece, designed in their own image, a kind of extension of their personality. Our consultant will be happy to discuss and unleash your creativity with you. 

Welcome to the MAD PARIS universe

MAD’s mission is to give clients the opportunity to create a unique piece, designed in their own image, a kind of extension of their personality. To this end, MAD picks up where the watchmaker – all too often weighed down by tradition – leaves off.

The realization of our dream led to the creation of a new kind of watchmaking firm, dedicated entirely to customizing luxury wristwatches, the only limit being the imagination. The MAD workshop opened in Paris since 2007 and the adventure began…

Treating yourself to a MAD watch is to fulfill a dream – the dream of becoming watch designer to your favorite brand an unleashing your creativity. Freeing yourself, yet in keeping with the value upheld by the trade. MAD artisans overturn the conventions of traditional watchmaking while respecting the spirit of the piece and the value cherished by the watchmakers.

In the customization, the same exacting standards of quality are applied to a MAD watch as to a Formula 1 racing car. The MAD team accompanies clients in the creative process of customizing their watches, ply their skills to push the boundaries of customization to the limits of technical achievement. Engraving, skeletonization, bas-relief, chasing…. ultimately it’s a question of personal taste – the watchmakers take care of the rest.

In a nutshell, MAD is built on a multitude of paradoxes that make it something unique in the sector today. The firm’s apparent creative madness is in contrast to its unquestionable expertise and mastery of cutting-edge techniques. Taking the opposite approach to the watchmaking manufactures, MAD embraces customization as its modus operandi – a counterpoint to standardization prevalent in the sector. And finally, the refined packaging is at odds with the innovation, fun product inside. It only remains to determine whether MAD is the future of the watch , or the watch of the future? It’s your call.


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